Today let’s go over finding the smallest difference between two numbers in two seperate arrays. In order to solve this problem we must find a pair of numbers whose absolute difference is closest to zero. This function should return an array containing these two numbers. It is assumed that there will only be one pair of numbers with the smallest difference. Let’s get to solving…

We begin by sorting both of the input arrays in place and then we need to create some variables to store and update information as we go along. We create index variables for both arrays…

Today, we will be solving the three number sum problem together. In a previous article we went over the two number sum problem and discovered a brute force solution for that. Today we are going to again take the brute force approach to figure out the solution to the Three Number Sum Problem.

For this problem we receive two inputs, an array and a target sum that three individual numbers in the array need to add up to and if no three add up to the target sum, we return an empty array. So we have to write a function…

Today we are going to go over another problem which is to square a sorted array. This seems super simple, you just loop through and multiply each number by itself and then push it into a new result array and then return it. However there are edge cases that make this problem more difficult than it seems, like negative numbers, when they get squared, they become positive but when they’re squared into a positive number, they will throw off the sorted array. We need to find a way to return the array sorted without using the built in sort() function…

Today we will be going over how to see if an array is a subsequence of another array. A subsequence of an array is a set of numbers that aren’t necessarily adjacent in the array but appear in the same order as they are in the array.

So the following would be return true as being a subsequence.

[1, 2, 3, 4, 5] / [1, 3 ,5]

While the following would not.

[1, 2, 3, 4, 5] / [6, 7]

This problem may seem confusing at first but it’s actually quite simple. The approach we can take to solve this…

Almost all devs have seen or heard of this classic problem before.

“Write a function that takes in a non-empty array of distinct integers and an integer representing a target sum. If any of the two numbers in the array add up to the target sum, they should be returned in an array. If no two numbers add up to the target sum, return an empty array.”

There are a few ways to solve this problem, today I’ll be going over a brute force approach to solving the problem and I’ll be writing code in Javascript.

First things first, I…

It was React Native. And now a strong contender has grown in popularity in the competition for world’s most powerful and intuitive framework for designing apps.

Google’s Flutter Framework

Flutter has been around since 2015 and remained in beta stages until its official release in 2018 and since then the buzz around Flutter has been an immense explosion of love and it continues to be adopted by more companies and individuals around the world.

Flutter is adored for its use of widgets, developers can design their own but Flutter comes built in with tons of useful widgets like a button or a menu…

As I look back on my experience with coding, I’m left nostalgic about the past. My careers before and my abilities now coincide and make up my knowledge now. Since working as a Customer Service Manager at Best Buy and working to solve complex problems to please customers and reach a satisfactory business result as well as a satisfactory customer outcome, I fell in love with solving problems and wanted to find a way to incorporate that into my lifelong career.

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A few years into my career I needed a new challenge and took to the skies to find my…

React with Hooks is probably the most awesome part about React thus far. The power and ability it provides is almost endless and that continues on with Custom Hooks. Custom Hooks allow you to create your own reusable Hooks to use in your code and here I’m going to walk you through how to do just that.

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What are Custom Hooks?

Hooks are powerful tools to share Javascript code between components without having to repeat yourself. Custom hook files are prefixed with use at the beginning, so if I wanted to make a custom hook, I would name the file…

To start off, what even is the command line? Your command line is a text interface for your computer’s OS (operating system). With it, you can do so many things, travel deep into your computers files, edit, remove and even add some files too. This article will show you some simple tips and tricks for making the most of the command line. Let’s dive in!

Making a List, Checking it Twice

The command line organizes your computer’s files and directories into a tree-like map. The very first directory is known as the root directory and it is the parent of…

You’ve conquered the basics of Ruby and you’re ready to move onto the next challenge. Building a fully-functioning website. It may seem like a stretch but you have very tool you need to begin building web applications. Ruby On Rails is your new best friend and while it is a complex system, it will undoubtedly click for you in no time. You are, after all, a Ruby Black Belt at this point.

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Ruby On Rails

By now you’ve undoubtedly heard about Ruby On Rails, how powerful it is and how it can help build dynamic web applications. In fact, some of your favorite…

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