Welcome to the world of Object-Oriented Ruby! Object-Oriented Ruby may seem complicated and overwhelming now, but fear not for I am here to show you that it can all be quite simple. Storing your codes in classes will make your program more efficient and readable than ever before. Ruby is a sugar-sweet language that is jam-packed full of helpful tools to help us make our code run at maximum efficiency. Ruby is littered with great macros that help us accomplish a myriad of tasks. Ruby is designed with you, the programmer in mind and it wants you to be as lazy as can be, so utilizing these tools that it provides can maximize both our power and our laziness!

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Dog Class with attr-macros

Storing ALL the class info

Access those variables

Lazy SELF-ish Programmers

Using all of these tools together makes our classes more powerful and versatile (I keep saying that but it really is true!). These make us better and more efficient programmers but keeping out code clean and lean! Usage of all of these tools will take your code to the next level and make other programmers look at your code and truly admire the ability outwardly displayed through your code.

These are just a few of the tools that are included in Ruby that make our lives as programmers, simpler. They are there to make our code more elegant and less repetitious. Believe it or not, there are even more tools that we can use to make our code EVEN simpler and more versatile. That is kind of hard to believe but it’s true but for now these tools will transform your code and make it way more powerful both to you and to a user. For now, the code that code you’re crafting will be the most beautiful, efficient and elegant code to you, until you learn how to be lazier, which you will. But even when you do get lazy don’t forget about Ruby and it’s “magic” conventions that make it so simple and powerful, all at once.

Software Engineering Student at Flatiron School